Who loves Cocooning?

Tania Di Lizio

We were curious to explore who our customers are and what inspires them, so we reached out to one of our very first customer seeking to understand more. Tania not only kindly accepted our ask to quiz her, but also opened her amazing home to us.

So, who is Tania Di Lizio?

Associate at architecture firm BatesSmart, Tania is a Senior Interior Designer and Project Leader who has led many prestigious design projects, including the multi residential tower for Cbus in Melbourne which she is currently leading.

Tania lives in her beautifully designed modern art deco home in the inner North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne with her husband and 14 year old twins.

Why is design important to you?

Design inspires me - it allows me to create, to learn and to embrace and imagine all possibilities. Design for me is about warmth and shelter, texture and mood, a feeling or an emotion, a reaction, light and dark, movement and scent.

You appear so comfortable in your own skin, where do you think this comes from?

Feeling comfortable in my own skin I think has come from years of dance, singing & performing from a young age.  It allowed me to understand my body and how it made me feel through my performances and what I wore made a huge difference to my mood and confidence.  I was able to experience an assortment of fabrics, textures, and how they felt on the skin, & how they would move on my body.

When I started becoming more experimental with my clothes, I was never discouraged, and mum would say that’s you, which is such a beautiful and encouraging  thing to hear in my teens & into my 20’s and even today, she’ll say it....feeling empowered & encouraged when young to wear what you want & how you want is an important part of your what makes me, me today. I feel good and confident about what I choose to wear!

As well a particular style I’m drawn to, such as layers, textures, patterns & fabrics, I am also drawn to comfort and shapes to help me create my look, which usually looks like I’m chilled & comfortable!

"Comfort & quality is what drew me to Cocooning - it embraces my style & allows me to inject & intermix my wardrobe which has been growing for the past 25 years!"

I still wear clothes I bought in my early 20’s, & they still work today. I think it’s the quality of fabrics that have given them their longevity & that I have given them a new life when intermixed with the new!

I love Repurposing, but I also allow the new to shed its light.


Tania introduced her mother Maria to our brand so we had the opportunity to sit them both down and ask them about family and how Maria has managed to look so AMAZING at almost 70!

Tania, how do you keep your family bonds so strong?

Family is important to me because it helps feel connected……It creates a purpose and feeling of belonging, like a tribe. Getting together keeps us united and bonded - usually over food, wine or a spritz or two keeps us talking for hours....

We also make an effort to keep up Italian family traditions such as Passata & salami making. Our house tends to be the hub to host these, which are always such beautiful memorable occasions.

Maria, you look amazing - how do you do it?

No secrets. Just be myself and age gracefully. I like to help others, be active, positive and love life. Family is the most important thing in my life - always has been.


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